Ceredigion Off-Limits? Meet the CHYPS

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Why hello there! Welcome to the Ceredigion Off-Limits travel blog =) 

We’ve been working in and around Ceredigion since 2017 doing what we can to preserve and record anything to do with our heritage. So anywhere between the 19th and 20th Century. It’s a part of the national project we’ve undertaken along with six other groups to do our bit in preserving Welsh Heritage, whether it’s how home life or working life has evolved in different ways and the places where we’ve enjoyed ourselves with local entertainment.

Most of the panel is comprised of young adults, but we welcome anyone from the ages of 16 to 25 and regularly meet in the Royal Commission every Thursday. We research and plan everything from here including where we’d like to visit, our theme for the year and generally the direction we would like to go next. It’s all youth-led which gives each one of us a voice in the way things are run here! It’s great fun and empowering =) 

We are currently on our last year on the Unloved Heritage project focusing on entertainment and leisure times of Ceredigion, including the many cinemas that have appeared and disappeared within and around Aberystwyth, as well as churches and chapels which were early forms of entertainment in the 1800s predominantly. 

Will be sure to post again soon. Keep your peepers peeled for updates and new content on our very own travel blog https://ceredigionofflimits.home.blog